It’s Trivia Recap Day! Also, In Trivia News…

Howdy folks, it’s a cloudy and possibly rainy Saturday where I live, and I’m in my “office,” getting ready to crank out five trivia recaps from past games!

Doing the recaps isn’t the same process as it used to be. Back in the days of auld, I would actually take real notes in games – and write down every question (usually in very abbreviated form). While I am no longer doing that, the editing process involved with the copied/pasted questions takes nearly as much time and effort!

I still take “some” notes from games – I try writing down all of the categories and the answers. Unless I played the game outdoors, where I don’t have a decent writing surface.

In other potential trivia news, capacity and mask restrictions will be going away very soon in the state of Michigan, where I live. This probably means a lot of the old trivia shows may start coming back. As for whether we’ll go out for them, well, we haven’t thought THAT far ahead yet!

I’ll probably continue masking up while indoors publicly for quite a while. I like how effective masks have been in keeping other nasties from getting into my body (besides COVID 19). I have not had a cold since January, 2020. Countless other people I know have reported the same thing – even people living with unvaccinated kiddos attending public school. My workplace is probably the primary place I was picking up colds before, so while I’m in common areas at work and not working by myself, yup, I’ll stay masked for the time being. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to not have to smile!

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