You Might Have A Trivia Problem If…

Just started watching “Burn Notice” Season 1 episode 4 (mostly because Bruce Campbell is in it). Michael and Sam are hanging out in a Miami sports bar and discussing sports stats (on the Dolphins in particular). Sam is quizzing the newly transplanted Michael about different stats, and Michael says “If you want to fit into a new city, pay attention to the local sports scene.” Then Sam asks him who “The Phins'” passing leader wss and hints that “He’s a quarterback.” Michael never bothers to answer, instead he starts a bar brawl to distract an assassin. So even though I’m all excited about seeing a bar brawl (lol), dammit, I still want to know the answer! So I made my guess, and looked on the Internet to see if my guess was right. AND IT WAS!

Who says watching Ace Ventura: Pet Detective doesn’t pay off?😁

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