Coming Soon – A Couple of Blogs Featuring Other People’s Stories…

Dearest blog readers…first off, thanks to all of you for visiting this site and allowing me to provide bathroom reading material, sleep aid reading material or dare I say “entertainment.” I do not judge any of you for what you do (or doo)!

All of that said, I have a couple of blogs percolatin’ that I plan to post sometime in the coming weeks. They will both feature a couple of stories I found to be quite entertaining that happened to my husband of (lemme count) 24 years in May. Keep in mind, like any priceless story, they would be much better coming from him – especially when he’s about three beers deep – and gesturing constantly with his hands and doing spot-on imitations of the people he’s talking about. I’ve joked with him that if I tied his hands behind his back, he would not be able to properly communicate (believe me because I’ve tried to do just that)!

I’m not revealing the subjects of his stories quite yet! Not specifically, anyway. One of them involves a celebrity!

I will allow him to give each of the blogs his own “once over,” maybe offering some embellishments, corrections, what have you. They will take some time to put together, and these days, my days off from work seem to be filling up with me attempting to do random chores around the house. I even plan on -re-staining the deck sometime this spring – and maybe painting the upstairs bathrooms. I just started feeling better after my first vaccine dose last week, so it was a whirlwind of activities around the house today!

We’re having kind of yucky weather today, so we will be “staying in” with some drinks and games in our rumpus room a bit later. Including a virtual trivia game – expect a recap of that by this coming Saturday (if not sometime before). Saturdays have kind of become “recap day,” but…I’ll see if I feel like posting it earlier than that!

As always, listen to Dweezil Zappa in The Running Man when he says:

Wasn’t he just so adorable in that beret? 🙂

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