Navigating A Needle-Obsessed World (And Frankly…I’m Tired of It)!

I’ve spent a good portion of today exploring what options me and my husband have for getting our COVID-19 vaccines. And I’m already over it…(ugh)!

Yes, this is close to how I feel about trying to find vaccine appointments!

Some places are still only offering vaccines to those ages 50 and older, some places are booked solid, I got absolutely nowhere with my local health department, my 20 year old niece got an appointment for TOMORROW just by having her mom call their doctor’s office (she is involved in collegiate sports, so her getting vaccinated is probably good). I’m getting all sorts of hot tips – including going to heavy right wing areas where people might not be as excited about getting vaccines, getting tips on places that might have extra unused doses lying around at the end of the day, you name it…

Still, I’m not excited about going out into the icky public to get these damn shots. More and more my husband and I are both looking more seriously into getting the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Though a couple of my FB friends who got their J&J shots over the weekend reported nausea (common with the J&J shot, apparently) and some body aches. Side effects mean it’s working, I have no issues about that. I really like the “one and done” idea.

I just want to get it over with. And I’m so, so tired of seeing pictures of everyone else posting stupid selfies with their vax cards.

Clearly, I need something to take my mind off of all of this…

What else? Not much, I had a pretty uneventful weekend. We put together a book shelf (lots of cussing, swearing and only a minor use of nails since the damn thing did not want to hold together with the hardware included with it), I had a short visit with my folks on Easter, went to a campfire at a local brewery on Easter evening:

Good times (for a change)!

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