Trivia Recap – March 28, 2021 – Virtual/Streaming

Other than being completely vexed about a movie about princesses (turns out a movie and sequel with similar plots came out the EXACT SAME YEARS), there was little noteworthy about our Sunday evening (March 28) virtual trivia game! Here were the questions my husband and I attempted to answer:

1. TV Settings – An unnamed island serves as the setting for what TV series that aired from 2004-2010 and stars Matthew Fox, Emilie de Ravin, and Josh Holloway, among others?

I remember lots of people I know being really, really into this series, but…I just couldn’t get into it. Still got this correct, though.

2. Fashion -In 1989, what woman founded the New York-based fashion brand DKNY?

3. Islands – Bali is an island and province of what Asian country? Did you know that’s where Bali brand bras live in the wild (JK)? Missed this, we guessed Phillipines.

4. Albums – Loyal to the Game is an album produced by Eminem and others that is the fifth posthumous album by what rapper?NERD POINT: What reTcord label was founded by Eminem in 1999?Made right guess on the rapper, but didn’t make right guess on the nerd question.

5. The Human Body – Which organ in the human body stores bile after it is produced in a different organ? Torn between two possibilities, picked the correct one.

6. Nonprofits – World Wrestling Entertainment, or the WWE, began using that name and initialism in 2002 following a years-long naming dispute with what nonprofit organization? Thankfully we didn’t become “sad pandas” by missing this!

7. Magazines -What weekly magazine’s first issue was released in 1974 and featured Mia Farrow dressed as Daisy Buchanan from the film The Great Gatsby?

We didn’t have any questions about this movie…but maybe we would have fared better if we did!

8. Subtitles – Royal Engagement is the subtitle of the 2004 sequel to what 2001 film? We picked the wrong 2004 film and sequel (the one featuring Renee Zellweger). Big, big miss (facepalm)! We actually had a trivia tournament (semifinals) in 2015 where we had to spell her name correctly (which we did)! Spelling doesn’t usually count for anything in trivia, but this time it did!

9. History – The modern-day countries of Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia were colonies of what European country from the late-1800s through the 1940s? Nope, picked wrong European country. We need to brush up on our colonial Africa knowledge!

10. Food – What food, made from boiled cornmeal or hominy is often served as a savory breakfast dish or, with shrimp, as a dinner entrée?

Mystery – Twisted Titles (For example, if I said “a cookbook filled with various stuffing recipes for a small songbird,” you would answer “To Fill a Mockingbird,” which is one letter different than “To Kill a Mockingbird.”)

M1. A man takes a job as a caretaker of a hotel but soon begins to go mad listening to his family complain that there is nothing to do.

M2. A supposedly delinquent child is sent to a juvenile correctional camp where he is forced to make the bottoms of shoes in sweat-shop conditions.

M3. A man in a yellow hat cares for his primate friend who is always angry.

M4. In a dystopian future, children are forced to compete in a battle royale death match using only devices meant for draping clothing over.Got all of these. It was nice acing a mystery round for a change (the previous week’s mystery questions were quite rough)!

We were in eleventh place with 52 points going into the final.

Final Category – ScientistsWhat astronomer developed the most widely used system for classifying galaxies, including into ellipticals, lenticulars, and spirals?

I initially suggested one guy, and Mike suggested another guy that we both liked better. And he was correct! Not enough to get us out of the scoring hole…

Our next trivia outing is most likely going to be Thursday, April 8 (all games are $1 per device). Who doesn’t love a sale? As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Anne Hathaway!

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  1. Lost, Donna Karan, Indonesia, Tupac Shakur/Shady Records, gallbladder, world wildlife fund, People, Princess Diaries, Italy, grits

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