Update – Virtual Trivial Pursuits – March, 2021

How is everyone this fine March evening?

Not much is going on with me at the moment, besides…virtual trivia!

I played two virtual games tonight – one is ’90s movies themed, the other was general topics. Tuesday, we played a general topics game, and Friday, yet another general topics game. The only thing different with Friday’s game is that I’ll actually have a “team!”

I’ll post the recaps from all of those games over the weekend. I may even do a Saturday game, since my husband might be visiting a friend at a camp fire. Or I may just park my ass on the couch and watch what I want on TV! It’s the little things, ya know!

I have no plans to play in the next “Trivia Hunt.” Women in history isn’t something that interests me (which is kind of bad because I AM a woman).

Other than that, I’m doing what I normally do – just trying to navigate an insane world colored by a pandemic. I may be on the vax list soon (woot), but I’m not going to act like it’s anything special. Maybe it will embolden me enough to go out and get a damn hair cut, and maybe see some more of my family, but other than that?

As always, stay tuned – and don’t touch that dial!

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