So…What Am I Supposed To Do With This Hole in My New Jammie Pants?

Today, I picked up a couple of pairs of men’s tall size jammie pants. The price was right, and I figured it was easier and cheaper than trying to find tall sized jammie pants for women. So I try them on – they’re comfy, plenty long, (yay) threy have pockets deep enough to stow a screwdriver …they’re not the most flattering on me since well…I’m not a dude and they’re plaid – which is not my thing – but I figure “meh,” they’re just lounge pants. Aren’t all of us wearing more of those these days? 😁

But wait…WHAT? Did they forget to sew on a button or is that a gaping hole in my crotch? It is a bit nippy, why I could get a bit drafty down there! Will be great in warmer weather, I reckon!

I joked about this with my husband…”What am I supposed to do? Shove my hands in there? Maybe hang a short length of garden hose there?”

Sigh…I’ll just have to stitch it up, I guess, it’s easier than adding a button! But for now, a longish shirt will suffice!

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