Winter Birthdays Really Suck (Especially During a Plague) – But There Is Pizza!

I decided today that I’m going to cancel my upcoming birthday cabin trip. It’s just going to be too cold (according to weather predictions). That’s not going to be very enjoyable. Temps in the teens for high, negative temps for the lows. Hard no…

I’m really not as upset as you might think. I’m used to it, especially after 2020.

What I have decided upon instead is…pizza! We’re going to do a pickup order of his and hers pizza! Exactly the way WE want them. I like Chicago deep dish and lots of cheese and veggies (mmm banana pepper), he likes light cheese, lots of tomato sauce and (bleah) – anchovies. I haven’t had a good deep dish pizza in more than 20 years. A pizza without compromising!

After a year of stay at home orders, everything being canceled and things getting postponed, couldn’t we all use a good pizza night? We may not be able to control everything, but we can pick our crust, sauces and toppings!

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