Double Trivia Header Tonight – Also, Some Other Random Musings…

I have a “general knowledge” trivia game to play tonight, and a “one hit wonders” trivia game a couple of hours after that one, so you know what THAT means!

Double the trivia recaps pleasure! Isn’t everything better in pairs (ahem)?

Like many of us Americans, I haven’t been getting out much, unless it involves going to work, or going to pick up something from a store (preferably without having to leave the car). I used to think curbside pickup was frivolous, nowadays, I think it’s pretty damn nice! It’s not because I’m lazy (well, maybe that’s part of it), but YOU DON’T HAVE TO WEAR A MASK WHEN SOMEONE BRINGS SOMETHING TO YOUR CAR! I really don’t have an issue with wearing masks, I’m not one of those “Oh the tyranny” anti-mask folks – it is what it is, and I’ve seen the benefits personally. But after a shift at work where I have to wear a mask, it’s nice to not have to put on a mask again just to go into a store.

So what benefits of masks have I seen? Well, fewer colds! I had ONE cold in all of 2020, and that was before the pandemic hit. Typically, I get 3-4 colds a year. Last year? ONE. Also, I work in a very dusty work environment, and wearing a mask has cut down on the “sniffles” I typically get from such an environment. Two benefits of masks, right there! Add to that not having to smile at people you’d rather stab in the eye, and you have THREE benefits to wearing masks! A fourth? Hiding your secret identity, of course! It’s baffling to me why so many of the “rioters” at the Capitol on January 6 didn’t wear masks to make it harder for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to identify them. But hey, it’s not like I wrote the leaflet on “how to be an efficient rioter.”

If I did write the text for that pamphlet, I might say, “If you’re jailed as a result of your actions, please don’t be too picky about the food they serve you in jail.” Case in point, Capitol rioter Jacob Chansley (you might know him better as that shirtless horned furry hat dude) has reportedly complained about his jail cuisine NOT being organic – so he refuses to eat. I’m not making that up. So…he wants taxpayer funded jailhouse food to cost more for his ass just for the “organic” label? Uh, not happening!

Not going out as much means ordering more things on the Internets. An issue I’ve had lately is with shoes. A recent fashion trend with women’s shoes is making shoes with laces on them – that don’t “actually” lace up. Yep, slip on shoes disguised as lace-up shoes. Now don’t get me wrong – slip on shoes do have their place! They’re easy to put on (and that’s really about it). To “put the shoe on the other foot” (so to speak), slip-on shoes are also not as supportive as the kind that lace up. Sometimes you want to be able to loosen or tighten your shoes. For my stand on my feet job I need supportive shoes – also, I need the support for those times when I actually go out for a “fitness walk.” Slip-on shoes are fine if you’re just going to out to run errands, but not good for everything (especially my poor beleaguered left ankle, which has had several sprains/rolls too many)!

I ordered TWO pairs of shoes in the past week and a half or so – returned one pair, and canceled an order on the second pair because of their “false pretenses.” When I ordered the third pair, I made sure the description said “lace up.” Anyone remember that crazy lady from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective?

You can’t easily take “fake” laces off of shoes to strangle someone! So what good are they?

God, I don’t know what I dislike more – fake pockets on pants (or worse, NO pockets), or fake laces on shoes? Why do women’s fashions have to be so damned deceptive?

And that’s enough out of me for now! 🙂

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