Trivia “Double Header” Tonight (January 8, 2021)

I’ll be doing TWO trivia games tonight! Which means you’ll have TWO trivia recaps to read on Saturday (which I’m sure will be the highlight of your day, LOL)! One of them will be general knowledge trivia – the other “adults only” trivia. I’ve asked a few of my ‘Pods teammates to join in on the general knowledge game, and I’ll be joined by a very special “guest” for the adults only game! My high school BFF Michelle, whom lives in Las Vegas, will be my “trivia pardner” for that game! We’ve never played any trivia games together, but she’s old enough to remember me being a dork in high school and being at my house when Jeopardy! was on TV. She kind of made fun of me for always answering in the form of a question! Hey, rules are rules!

Speaking of Jeopardy!, it looks like tonight will feature Alex Trebek’s last appearance on the show, so a lot of my “trivia nerd” friends on FB are likely going to be tuning in! I’ll watch as much of it as I can before my virtual game begins at 8.

In other trivia news, I’ll be playing in a movies themed game Sunday night, and a ’80s movies themed game next Tuesday night.

It’s definitely not the same as meeting friends in bars/restaurants, but for now, it will have to do… I do like that a bar close to me has started offering a firepit option! Sitting in the igloos can get a bit…claustrophobic. I mean, we’re already kind of being forced to stay home more, then we go to a bar and willingly shut ourselves in igloos just for the chance of having a beer somewhere besides your own living room or garage? What a strange universe we live in!

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