Happy Holidays!

It’s been a strange holiday season in Retailville. I haven’t been as busy at work, I haven’t had to train any pointless ” new hires,” and overall, I’ve been happier than I was a year ago. Do I know what’s in store with my job? Nope!

I started to vainly get back into fitness walking this week, so that’s good, right? I walked to the bar tonight (took the long way and turned it into a 1.9 mile one way trip).

The holidays have really taken a lot out of me for the past couple of decades or so. Especially last year when I was sick with a weird COVID like flu, I had to train a pointless new hire who had no interest in working, and I had a gimpy injured ankle. I was unspeakably drained and tired every day. I gave up drinking for a month. Now a pandemic is causing things to slow down a bit. I can’t say it’s a totally bad thing, though as I said, who knows what the future holds?

As for my more leisurely pursuits, it took a pandemic to bring to a halt one of the the things I love the most – which is pub trivia. Strangely, I’ve adapted…and I don’t miss it nearly as much as you’d think. Power of delusion? Denial? Possibly!

In other news, his is the first year I haven’t had to work the day after Christmas since…I don’t know when. Working that day sucks, so I couldn’t be happier! I get to DRINK ON CHRISTMAS EVE AND CHRISTMAS!

Over New Year’s, we plan to rent a cabin for three nights (weather permitting). Can’t wait – it will be great to get away for a bit! And see Lake Huron again!!!!!

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