Stay Inside Because It’s Cold? Hell No! Bundle Up And Have a Brewski! πŸ»

I decided I didn’t want daylight to be wasted today. So after work, I phoned in a curbside order of some canned beer from a local brewery, put on some warm clothes, set up a camping chair and…had a little happy hour in my driveway! My neighbor Colleen took her Boston terrier Molly for a walk while I was outside (she was so cute in her pink sweater).

I don’t work tomorrow, so I “partied” a bit more than usual today. No “three drink max” today! Plus I have a busy week at work next week so I’m trying to enjoy myself this week. Hey we’re in a pandemic and if “going out” to a bar isn’t possible, I’ll bring the bar to me, dammit!

Eventually we had to move in to the car hole, but getting that fresh air for a while was nice. Can’t wait for our new electric space heater to arrive, so that we can use the “car hole” as a hangout on some days without freezing our butts off.

Now who’s jealous of my super exciting life amid a pandemic backdrop? πŸ˜€

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