Want To “Go To The Bar” In Michigan? You Have a Couple of More Days…

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer just announced a new set of – guidelines – if you will – that are supposed to help bring the COVID-19 virus under more control.

Movie theaters, bowling alleys, indoor service at bars/restaurants and a number of other things are supposed to be shut down for three weeks, beginning midnight Wednesday, November 18. People who are able to work remotely are supposed to. Outdoor dining at restaurants and bars is still allowed. That is the only kind of “service” we’ve used at bars/restaurants since March. I haven’t sat inside a bar to have a drink since mid March. There are things I miss about it, and things I…don’t. We certainly saved a bit of money!

She also asked that people thinking about attending Thanksgiving gatherings to “think again.”

Way ahead of her…I only plan to see my parents in person if the weather allows – and it can be done at a distance – outside. My brother and his family don’t plan to travel for Thanksgiving this year. My husband and I plan to cook our own feast that day if we can get some good stuff for it. Who knows what will happen at stores in the coming days (please no panic buying, people)! We have two 12-packs of TP in the basement and almost a six pack of paper towels. we have plenty of chicken, a couple of ground turkey chubs and other stuff in the freezer and some meal builders in the cupboards.

I’ll still continue to go to work until I hear otherwise, though I certainly don’t want hordes of people to do what they’ve done hundreds of times in the past – and crowd stores on Black Friday. I don’t want to have to walk off a job, but I will if I think things are unsafe. I’m not putting myself at unnecessary risk. I can find another job if I have to.

Honestly, I don’t see big Black Friday crowds happening this year. Too many people are concerned about this virus to risk going out to buy a $60 multipot (after mail in rebate). Most customers don’t understand rebates (I personally think they’re stupid…just give the customers the damn discount).

I know my job is probably on borrowed time since the company I work for has declared bankruptcy. But I’m vested in the pension plan and have some money squirreled away in the 401K.

I think the wisest thing retailers can do is establish limits on the number of customers allowed in the store at any given time – and enforce it. Encourage curbside pickup, online ordering and contact-free shopping.

All I can do for now is go to work until they tell me not to – or quit if I don’t like it.

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