New Slippers! Also, “Virtual” Trivia Tonight…

Not surprising, I wore out a well-loved pair of slippers when I was off work for a little more than three months. Behold the new hotness:

The “tread” on these is not only decorative and super cute, but also slip resistant. Perfect since most of the floors in my house are non-carpeted. They feel pretty damn good after a shift on my feet!

In other news, my husband and I will be playing a “superstitions” themed trivia game tonight. Seems like a fun thing to do on Friday the Thirteenth! I “should” have a recap of that game to share Saturday.

I really don’t live by too many superstitions. I don’t avoid walking on cracks, I think black cats are awesome, breaking mirrors is a fantastic recreational activity and the number 13 doesn’t fill me with any particular dread. The only superstition me and my trivia team have is a common one among many trivia teams – and that is “don’t comment/talk about how you’re doing in the game until it’s all over.” It’s kind of like the Pulp Fiction quote, “Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet.”

Good life advice!

I’m trying to organize a virtual team to play Saturday night. Now that weather’s getting colder and I’ll be staying home more, we’ll probably be doing more of these “virtual” trivia games.

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