A November, 2020 “Trivia Update” – (Well, Not Really)

What a pity what’s happened to pub trivia (and virtually everything else that got people out socializing) because of COVID-19. It used to be a pretty big part of my life until very suddenly in mid March, poof…it stopped. Restaurants/bars closed, trivia companies started serving up “virtual” or streaming options. Gradually trivia came back to some select bars/restaurants, but they’re not attracting nearly the volume of crowds that they used to as a good number of players continue to avoid indoor dining/drinking at bars and restaurants. A bar near me has recently started installing outdoor “igloos” that will be heated.

When this project is complete, all of these “igloos” will be enclosed in PVC and will be heated electrically. Though I won’t be comfortable sitting in these with anyone besides the person I live with.

That’s not to say that I haven’t adapted to having a more laid-back lifestyle not tied to “trivia routines.” I’m enjoying the occasional “virtual” games. There is something to be said for wearing comfy clothes, lounging on your couch and pretending you know stuff. It’s also a good way to see friends and family I haven’t seen “for reals” in months.

As for “trivia routines?” You regular players out there know what I mean – and that means playing in a certain trivia spot week after week after week after week after week (ad nauseum) so that you qualify for a chance to play in a money tournament. Sometimes those routines got stale for us. I know teams that played in the same spot for years week after week after week leading into year after year after year. And that kind of “routine” never sat well with my team. We tended to keep things mixed up. When things got old, we found new spots. We would find “seasonal” spots we’d play only in warmer months, mix things up by playing on off nights, it kept us from being too bored and complacent.

Yet, the very thought of other players – individual and teams – that I’ve exchanged trivia volleys with the past so many times over the years – continuing to go out for their trivia fixes in pubs – does make me kind of miss it. I mean, who do these other players/teams think they are going out for trivia and not being “checked” by me and my team (you know I’m speaking in jest here)? I mean, let’s be realistic -most times my team was nothing if not one that occasionally got lucky and won a couple of bucks for our efforts – but other times we were at least “there.” That means, if nothing else, we served as a “team to beat.” Maybe – just maybe – at least one or two other teams out there – tried a bit harder when me and my “crew” showed up to play. I don’t want to delude myself! I know we weren’t the best team out there. But we were always a team that would not necessarily embarrass ourselves (though sometimes we did).

Me and my main “trivia bros” Brad and Mike at the Wurst Bar, which was one of the places that wound up getting “stale” for us (because reasons, not the least of which was the cessation of “whiskey Wednesday” specials). Yes I’m sitting on a real functioning skeeball machine!

We always did well having “teams to beat,” too. It kept us on our toes, made us try a bit harder, gave us little fires in our bellies (and more often than not, too much beer, too, LOL)! For the most part, there was a good level of mutual respect between my team and most of the other “regular” teams. That’s not to say there weren’t some players I wouldn’t mind not seeing in the same room with me (LOL)!

All I’m gonna say right now is:

“We’ll be back!” I can’t say when, I can’t say where, and I’m not 100 percent sure that I’m not lying or being too optimistic…

A COVID-19 vaccine may well be in the works and may well be distributed to the populace without causing terrifying side effects (like zombism or spontaneous combustion). The virus may well “poof” and disappear as certain people whom will remain nameless tried recently to say. And if/when that happens, we just might be “that team to beat” again! Will we be rusty? You bet! Just give us a bit of time…

In other news, if you bothered to read that far…(are you still reading)?

I’m working on my first “trivia study topic” blog that I’ve posted in a long, long time. The subject? Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame – a list of the performers whom have been inducted into the hallowed Cleveland halls since 1986. I’ve already typed up the names, I just need to “fluff” it out with my own commentary, pics, etc. I’ll certainly be sure to mention my own experiences visiting the hall of fame/museum in 2002.

That’s about it for this trivia update! If any other players/teams that may be ones my team has been in contention with in the past several years, please rest assured that we’re not on a permanent vacation! Keep winning that beer money, keep avoiding getting sick, keep at that trivia thing. Just remember:

We’ll be back (maybe)!

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