Still Here – Just Lying Low (Late October, 2020 Update)

I only posted a couple of new blogs this past week. Truth be told, I’m basically just enjoying being able to relax when I’m not working. Especially today, ugh! I’m beginning to hate Fridays at work…they have become extra exhausting.

Last year around this time I fell ill with what I thought was just a cold or flu, though it was oddly COVID like in some ways (short fever, lingering cough, fatigue, gastrointestinal distress, even brief loss of smell). It was bizarre, and it took at least a couple of months to recover. Though I don’t think I ever fully bounced back.

It was probably just a flu…but the oddest flu I’ve ever had.

Right now, I’m just watching “Mr. Mercedes” on the NBC streaming service and enjoying some hard seltzer. My laptop is being used for streaming, so sorry, can’t share photos in this blog ATM. This show doesn’t disappoint! The mother son dynamic between Deborah and Brady will make you feel so icky you’ll need a shower for your psyche! Ewww…. kind of turns “Me Too” on its head when the antagonist is also the victim of sexual abuse by his drunken mom (played by Kelly Lynch, whom you might remember from THAT sex scene in “Roadhouse.”) She makes Winona Ryder’s mom character in “Stranger Things” look like June Cleaver by comparison!

In between binge watching series, I’m also attempting to digitally archive music from my CD collection. It’s been good to listen to some of my old CDs! I’ve already donated a good number of them, but will be keeping some for…sentimental reasons.

I almost forgot how much I love Mozart! I’ve been listening to a bit of that, a CD I have of Depeche Mode covers called “For the Masses,” and an old industrial CD called “Naive” from KMFDM (a German band).

One of the tracks from that last one called “Liebeslied” features a sample of Orff’s “Carmina Burana” which got them sued. If you have the original Wax Trax pressing, you get the song with the disputed sample. I have the original CD!

Sadly, even rare CDs or originals don’t seem to have much resale value unless they’re signed by the artists. Vinyl and cassette copies still seem to be valuable.

I may be selling some vintage concert Ts soon, but not selling or donating THAT CD!

What else? Halloween weekend cabin trip soon at a “local” favorite haunt. More on this later!

That’s about it for now…

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