Fall Road Trip 2020 – Pandemic Style!

I really, really wanted to get out to do “fall stuff” today. But neither my husband or I are comfortable going out into large crowds during a plague, so we tried to tread the balance of getting out – and still avoiding others as best as we could.

First stop? Brighton Recreation Area. It’s a favorite nearby state park we’ve visited countless times for camping/cabin trips and just day trips, like today.

Bishop Lake. It really is shaped like a chess bishop, but I’m not sure if that’s how it got its name.
This turned out blurry, but I still didn’t want to delete it!

After walking around Brighton Recreation Area, I decided I needed to use the restrooms. Only the “unisex” bathroom was open, and two others were waiting out in the front to use it. I knew there was another set of bathrooms in the modern campground, so we stopped there. Score! I had the bathrooms to myself. Thank you plague! Camping has become a popular way for people to “social distance” during this pandemic, and motor home/RV campers are using their own shitters more than using the public bathrooms. Good! This makes them less crowded – and cleaner!

On our way home from the park, we stopped at Three Cedars Farm in Northville. I learned they had drive-through cider/doughnut pickup service, so… what better way to do “fall stuff” while staying as far from others as possible? The place was very, very crowded! I didn’t do any “mask census,” but it looked like most of the people walking around were masked – and I read online that the hay rides required all passengers to be masked up. This didn’t mean we felt comfortable walking around the huge crowds…my husband and I have always been a tad antisocial anyway, now that we have a plague we’re not treated like outcasts!

Drive through pickup area at Three Cedars Farm. We didn’t have to wait at all! Cash/check only.

So what was our reward for today’s adventures? CIDER AND DOUGHNUTS!

Tastes like fall! And victory!

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