Unofficial Nicknames Of Michigan State Parks

I’ve visited more than 60 of Michigan’s State Parks in my lifetime. Along the way, I’ve learned that all of the parks have their own personality – or lack of personality, as it were…

How did I come up with these “unofficial nicknames?” Well, I’ve gleaned this information from my own firsthand experience in these parks – and from what I’ve learned from other people who’ve visited these parks.

Note, this is not a complete state parks list, but a list of places visitors can camp or rent lodging.

This is NOT a photo from one of my state park visits! But isn’t it a lovely sunset anyway? State Parks are great places to see lovely sunset views (and hear excessive generator noise, see children riding by your camp site constantly, and watch the cast of “Duck Dynasty” engage in pot smoking and day drinking!

Unofficial Nicknames of Michigan State Parks That I Just Made Up…

  1. Algonac State Park – Mosquito Central – But Nice Freighter Views
  2. Aloha State Park – It’s Not In Hawaii, But You Should Totally Wear a Lei Here Anyway
  3. Bald Mountain Recreation Area – Kevorkian Patients Loved This Place To Death!
  4. Baraga State Park – Pit Stop To The Keweenaw
  5. Bay City State Park – It’s Close To Saginaw – But You…Don’t Want To Go To Saginaw
  6. Bewabic State Park – Didn’t Make It To Porkies Today, So You Can Stop Here For the Night!
  7. Brighton Recreation Area – If You Can’t Find Something To Do Here, Then Hell…We Give Up…
  8. Brimley State Park – Freighters! And the Soo! Also a Casino Nearby!
  9. Burt Lake State Park – You’re Almost To The Bridge (Nobody Likes a Quitter)
  10. Cheboygan State Park – Cheaper Than Mackinaw City Hotel Room
  11. Clear Lake State Park – Heart of the Sinkhole District
  12. Craig Lake State Park – There’s A Lake Named For A Beer Here
  13. Fayette Historic State Park – Cool Old Buildings and Stuff
  14. Fisherman’s Island State Park – Is It An Island? Or A Peninsula?
  15. Fort Custer Recreation Area – Mosquito Central Of The West
  16. Fort Wilkins Historic State Park – More Cool Old Buildings – And Civil War Uniforms!
  17. Grand Haven State Park – Parking Lot In The Sand
  18. Harrisville State Park – Where’s The Beach?
  19. Hartwick Pines State Park – Smells Like Pine-Sol
  20. Hayes State Park – Overflow Parking For Michigan International Speedway
  21. Highland Recreation Area – Dodge Brothers Partied Here
  22. Hoeft State Park – Be Sure To Jump Head First Into the Rock Quarry (But Check Out the Awesome Beach Here First)
  23. Hoffmaster State Park – Is There A Beach Here Anymore?
  24. Holland State Park – You Can Party Here…Just Not Drink – Also Tulips?
  25. Holly Recreation Area – It’s Close To Flint and It’s Pretty And All, But You Really Don’t Want To Go Anywhere Near Flint…
  26. Indian Lake State Park – Yay, You Made It Over the Bridge! Now Rest Up A bit…
  27. Interlochen State Park – Hear Band Kids Practicing All Day
  28. Ionia State Recreation Area – Where Is This Place Exactly?
  29. Island Lake Recreation Area – Dodge Brothers Also Partied Here
  30. Keith J. Charters Traverse City State Park – Noise, Noise, Noise!
  31. Lake Hudson Recreation Area – Bring A Long Extension Cord
  32. Leelanau State Park – End Of All Things
  33. Ludington State Park – Good Luck Getting In Here!
  34. McLain State Park – Behold Erosion In All Of Its Glory!
  35. Mears State Park – Another Parking Lot in the Dunes – But the Beach is Pretty And You Can Drink Here!
  36. Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area -Ask About The Swimmer’s Itch
  37. Mitchell State Park – Stuck In The Middle of…Cadillac
  38. Muskallonge Lake State Park – Muskallonge Is A Fish, Right?
  39. Muskegon State Park – Cheap Michigan Adventure Lodging
  40. Negwegon State Park – Nude Beach!
  41. Newaygo State Park – Not Much To Do, But The Sites Are Big!
  42. North Higgins Lake State Park – Don’t Ask What They Did To Get Rid Of the Ducks (And The Swimmer’s Itch)
  43. Onaway State Park – Be Sure To Look for the Metal Washington Head!
  44. Orchard Beach State Park – Million Steps To The Beach (Wait There’s No Beach Anymore)
  45. Ortonville Recreation Area – Where Is This Again?
  46. Otsego Lake State Park – The Freeway Noise Is Like White Noise!
  47. Petoskey State Park – The Petoskey Stones Are Mostly Picked Over, But You Could Get Lucky
  48. Pinckney Recreation Area – Be Sure To Get Some Ice Cream… In Hell!
  49. Pontiac Lake Recreation Area – Is There Any Reason To Go Anywhere Near Pontiac?
  50. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park – So Much More Than Just Lake In The Clouds
  51. Port Crescent State Park – Yay, Your Mind Numbing Road Trip Through The Thumb Is Done!
  52. Proud Lake Recreation Area – It Has the Huron River – And Not Much Else…
  53. Rifle River Recreation Area – Visit Us During Trumpeter Swan Mating Season!
  54. Seven Lakes State Park – Be Sure To Count Them All! There Might Be An Eighth Lake They Missed!
  55. Silver Lake State Park – Got Dune Buggy?
  56. Sleeper State Park – Cheap Lodging For Cheeseburger Festival
  57. Sleepy Hollow State Park – Sorry, No Headless Horseman Here…
  58. South Higgins Lake State ParkThe “Party” Side Of Higgins Lake
  59. Sterling State Park – Lovely Nuclear Reactor Views!
  60. Straits State Park – Watch Big Mac All Night Long!
  61. Tahquamenon Falls State Park – Little Falls, Big Falls, Five Million Steps To See Them
  62. Tawas Point State Park – Cape Cod of the Midwest, But No Kennedys, So There’s That…
  63. Tippy Dam Recreation Area – No Shortcut To Get Here…drive 10 Miles To Get Around The Dam First!
  64. Twin Lakes State Park – When You Have Family In Houghton, But Don’t Want To Stay With Them…
  65. Van Riper State Park – When You’re Not Rugged Enough To Go to Craig Lake State Park, Come Here Instead! Also They Have Wi-Fi!
  66. Waterloo Recreation Area – Couldn’t Escape If You Wanted To
  67. Warren Dunes State Park – Be Sure To Drink In the Intoxicating Lake Michigan Views, Since You Can’t Drink Anything Intoxicating Here
  68. Warren Woods State Park – Fall Asleep Here And Dream of Old Timey Corsets
  69. Wells State Park – You Can’t See Escanaba In The Moonlight From Here, But You’re Pretty Close!
  70. Wilderness State Park – Good Luck Getting A Spot On The Water
  71. Wilson State Park – Freeway Stop…Not Much Else
  72. Yankee Springs Recreation Area – When You See The Rednecks Who Like To Camp Here, You’ll Understand Why Booze is Verboten
  73. Young State Park – Check Out the Car Ferry In Ironton!

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