Darn You, Brain! Musings on Passwords, Password Hints – How Did I Forget My Favorite Car?

Today it was time to change my password to get into the employee “kiosk,” or “employee web site.” One of the things I had to do in order to do that was answer my “secret questions.” And I FORGOT WHAT ONE OF THE ANSWERS WAS!

Seriously…how could I forget my “favorite car?” Was it “Buick,” since I’ve driven at least three of those in my life? Nope! Corvette? Nope, that wasn’t it either! I’m not revealing what the correct answer was – all I’ll say it’s a car type, not a specific make/model. I went in and changed my security questions, even after I slapped my forehead when remembering the answer!

So I went in and changed my password, then when I was heading out to clock out today, I thought to myself, “Damn…what’s my new password?”

Of course I managed to remember it after I started going through the rigor morale of changing it (go figure). It’s like when you hand in the incorrect answer in a trivia game, then remember the correct answer when you’re coming back to your seat.

In other news, I had some “words” for merchandise today!

“I swear to GOD – if you fall on the floor again I’m going to set you on fire!”

I don’t lose my patience all that often, but when I do, it’s epic! And usually involves violence (or threats of it)!

God…I’m beyond filthy – if I don’t get into the shower…like right now – my husband is going to call the EPA! 🙂

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