Trivia Tonight With “Another” Team…

I’ll be sitting in “virtually” with the trivia team Sparty On tonight for ’80s music trivia (again)! I plan to do a recap of this game – as well as Sunday’s game and basically put both question sets together.

I’ve played with individual members of this trivia team occasionally, but only once I have I played with their whole crew, and that was for a ’90s music trivia game last year. It’s definitely a “different” dynamic when you’re transplanted with another trivia team than with you’re playing with your own “crew!” I played with a couple of players from Sparty On for a ’90s music game a couple of years ago, and I remember the team name I suggested was “My Fart Will Go On” (a little Celine Dion satire there). David said he was all for using that name! But ultimately that name idea was rejected by the team captain Kim. Too crude?

I can only imagine what it’s like for trivia players from other teams to join with MY “motley crew!” Brad is a bit…squirrelly, and  can be a challenge for people who don’t know him, and my husband can get a little…crotchety. And well, I’m not perfect either! I used to push my team pretty hard, and I could be a bit of a “taskmistress!”  We can be kind of a strange bunch.

Another team I sat in with last year was the “Squirrels” trivia team with Stacy and her “crew” (although Stacy did not play when I joined her team because she’s a trivia host and these were tournament games). They were a very laid back group! I particularly enjoyed chatting about early 1980s music with Greg (I think that was his name)? Or was it Brian? Uh yeah, it was Greg! I’m pretty sure we talked about the band Bad English, which was fronted by John Waite (who used to be in the Babys and also had a solo career).  The “vibe” with this trivia team was quite different from my group, which can be a little tightly wound and competitive when it comes to trivia (though we are amateurs in that regard compared to some of the OTHER teams out there)! I’ve also been told by other players that sometimes we goof off a bit too much! Send us to the principal’s office!!! Rap our hands with rulers!!!

Unsure when/if we’ll actually go “out” for  any pub trivia in the near future. That all depends upon how well us – as a country – can manage this contagious, contagious virus. As of now, I’m not still not comfortable doing any indoor eating/drinking in restaurants or hanging around in close proximity with others unless there are masks.

Yes, I miss the “live” trivia! But for now, the virtual games can still be a fun diversion (even if I do think that some teams are enlisting help from Captain Google).


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