Are Jack Torrance and Joker The Same Person?

Hey folks! I haven’t posted much in the past couple of days…yesterday was “chore day,” which means I was cleaning the kitchen, doing some meal prep (made a killer chicken marinade), vacuuming and doing laundry! As strange as it sounds, I actually enjoy doing laundry! It’s rewarding in a way…because everything smells nice when you’re done.

Also, my laptop is still being hijacked watching stuff on the Peacock streaming site ( my TV is from 2008, forgive me). We watched the first two seasons of “Yellowstone,” and wow, just wow! Now, we’re watching season 2 of “Eureka.”

In between all of these exciting chores and binge watching, I’ve also been working on finishing reading Stephen King’s “The Shining.” And I just got to the part where the Overlook Hotel really starts getting its claws into Jack and telling him to…kill his family. So he’s a bit insane – seeing parties that are not really happening, having drinks served by phantom bartenders, seeing topiary animals moving (he’s batshit insane I tells ya). Are all of these insane things par for the course for a recovering alcoholic? Possibly! I went a bit nuts when I gave up booze during November 2019. Though nothing as exciting as having ghosts tell me to kill my spouse/ family! 😁😉

Is the pandemic making us all crazy?

But what really made my Spidey senses take notice amid all of this was the mention in the book of hearing the song “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight. ” This was one of the songs mentioned by name in the book (playing in the swanky Colorado Lounge).

Wait WHAT? Jack Nicholson, when he played Joker in the 1989 “Batman” film sang words from that song just before killing a man with an electrified joy buzzer. Coincidence? Or was this done on purpose?

Almost more creepy of a coincidence than The Shining itself!

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