Should I Turn My Staircase Into My Gym?

Some of us haven’t had jobs to go to since mid March (raises hand). Some of us had relatively active jobs they went to before mid March that did a fairly good job of keeping us from becoming too…ample (raises hand). Some of us don’t like going outside for walks when it’s over 70 degrees outside (raises hand). Some of us hated going to gyms even before mid March because they’re gross – and full of people (raises hand). Some of us don’t have any real exercise equipment – and don’t want to buy it because most of it wounds up getting offloaded later, sold, or set by the curb (raises hand really, really high). Also workout machines take up a lot of space and usually wind up being a place to hang laundry you don’t want to put in the dryer (prove me wrong, people).

So in a weary moment this morning while I was still in bed, I thought to myself… “How about walking up and down my own stairs as a workout?” It gets me moving, gives my legs a good workout, provides good cardio, and I can do it in my own home without having to put on “cute” workout attire (ugh pass on THAT)? I’ll raise my hand to that! ⇓


I’m not looking to give myself a heart attack. But I will be trying to do some walking up and down of my basement stairs – starting with several minutes (which I just did) – and work my way up to 20 minutes. Allowing myself to take brief rests when the legs start to feel a bit heavy – or I’m thinking of calling a cardiologist. Break it up over the course of a day. Get a freebie workout when I’m hauling laundry up and down the stairs.


Some of the most lovely things to see in nature involve having to walk down…then up – a shitload of stairs. Like the “upper” falls at Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Michigan’s U.P.

Not making any promises, but I have to do SOMETHING when it’s hot outside! I can crank up the A/C a bit so I don’t melt, using the basement stairs means I have a cool room to walk down to, wear the bare minimum of clothing, let myself plop in the office chair in the basement when I need a break, pretend I’m scaling the stairs leading to the Upper Tahquamenon Falls in the U.P. or when I get really ambitious – one of the two World Trade Center towers.

Now pardon me while I try to do “round two!” But first, a cold beverage!



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