Not Even Remotely Official Pub Trivia Statement (COVID-19)…


For inquiring minds, what are the pub trivia plans for our team in the coming weeks? Short answer? Don’t know! Long answer? Time will tell! Yes, that answer isn’t that much longer than the short answer, but we just don’t know at the moment. It will depend upon a lot of things – one – will the bar be open for just trivia players or the general public – two – how much space does the bar have to spread the tables out (even ideally outdoors) – and three – interest by the team – each one of us (myself and my husband included) in actually venturing out and having drinks together at the bar again (especially indoors).

For now, we’re enjoying the summer weather! Right now, as I type this, I’m hearing birds chirping outside and a light breeze…so nice to have windows open again after having the AC running for a couple of days! We’re kind of enjoying the occasional live/virtual trivia games and enjoying seeing bunnies hopping around in the yard!

Taking a break from having played fairly competitively for the past eight years or so, well…it really hasn’t been all that bad! I’m not going to lie that occasionally pub trivia was an undue source of stress, especially when we tried to play at a fairly high level – competing for tournament spots, secret decoder rings, tournament prize money, etc. There were people I just plain didn’t want to see at my trivia nights, and frankly – wouldn’t mind not seeing ever again in person. And likewise, there are other players whom I miss seeing – and would continue to miss seeing if we decided not to go out for pub trivia again. Six of one, half dozen of the other? Perhaps!

I had briefly given thought to playing the Maplewood Lanes game next Friday in Saline, but I think it’s still a bit too early to go out into the crowds, especially indoors.

We’ll continue monitoring the news, epidemic trends, moon phases and numerous other criteria too numerous to mention before officially diving in to the pub trivia pool again. Maybe we’ll see some of you in trivia battle in the coming months in a pub, maybe we’ll see you virtually, and maybe we won’t see you at all. At least we can say it’s been fun (some of the time, anyway)! I’ll continue sharing occasional recaps of the live streaming/virtual trivia games, though those are on hold until sometime next week. Everyone stay safe and have fun (if both things can be accomplished in tandem)!

Special thanks to those of you who still continue to follow and read my blogs!

As always, Go Pods!

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