RIP Fire Cooking Grill! And Behold The New Hotness…

I’m in the midst of staging our camping gear for a camping trip. My husband has his heart set on doing some cooking over the fire on this trip – potatoes, corn, hot dogs – and maybe some veggies wrapped in foil with butter. So I went into the garage to find our folding camp cooking grill. Aye carumba! Can you get tetanus just by looking at a rusty thing? Probably not, but I don’t want to take the chance! This grill had apparently become the filthy whore of oxidation over the years. Being stored in a trash bag didn’t keep it from rusting.

So I went online and looked around at local retailers selling camping gear, and Dick’s in Ann Arbor had what I wanted. Behold – old ‘n busted – and new hotness! They had my order ready almost as soon as I’d placed it! And virtually no waiting when I went to pick it up.


The new grill takes up less space – and weighs about 1/10th what the old grill weighed!

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