Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – May 17, 2020 (Presidents Theme)

This was the first time I’d ever participated in a trivia game under a beach umbrella (which in this case was being used as a rain shelter). A couple of things prevented that game from going a bit better: one, not having a paper/pen to jot down names of presidents. And two? Following an afternoon of day drinking with a trivia contest!  Ah  well, with nothing really on the line in terms of prizes or standings, it was all in good fun! Minneapolis-based host Jim H. – whom used to be a Southeast MI host – was at the “helm” of this game.

My husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary by sitting under our “Sportbrella” on our deck – in the rain:



It was our way of attempting to celebrate our anniversary in a way that is at least similar to how we planned to (a camping trip that was canceled). Judging from the scores, it was a case of “more beer, less points!”

And here are the questions:


1. Names – What 20th century U.S. president was born Leslie Lynch King Jr. in 1913 and renamed for his stepfather a few years later, although he didn’t legally change his name until the 1930s? Yep


2. Birthplaces – Of the states that were the birthplace of currently living U.S. presidents, which on extends farthest north? We did not consider the qualifier “currently living,” so this was both a geography – and reading comprehension failure! Wait…it wasn’t a geography failure, just a reading comprehension failure (we did pick the right state extending the farthest north – the state that Franklin Pierce was born in).

3. The Whigs – Of the four U.S. presidents who served as a member of the Whig party, which one was president the longest? Yep.


4. Second – Who was the second U.S. president to be assassinated? Yep.


5. How Many? – Within two, how many Republican presidents have served since Abraham Lincoln (not counting Abraham Lincoln)? Nope…list would’ve helped me  here.


6. Nicknames – What 1811  battle in Indiana lent William Henry Harrison his best-known nickname? Anyone know who this guy is just because of “Parks and Recreation?”


7. Elections – In 1824, who was elected U.S. president by the House of Representatives, despite having only the second most electoral votes? Another question where pen and paper would have helped us come up with the correct answer… Miss.

8. More Names – Two  20th century U.s. presidents had middle names beginning with “D.” Give both of those middle names. Yep.


9. Parties – John Adams was the first and only U.S. president elected as member of what political party? Yep.


10. The End – Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes booth on April 14, 1865 while watching what play at Ford’s Theater? Yep.


Mystery –

M1 – Who was president when “Star Trek: The Next Generation” – premiered on TV?

M2 – Who was president when the iPhone was released?

M3 – Who was president when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s career home run record?

M4 – Who was president when Charles Lindbergh made his historic flight across the Atlantic?

I think we got two of these correct…missed #1 for sure…

Final Category – Elections

What 20th century president is the most recent to run for re-election and finish third in total number of electoral votes?

Picked the right election, wrong guy…

Unsure when we’ll be doing trivia battle next…As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Calvin Coolidge!



6 thoughts on “Trivia Recap – Virtual/Streaming – May 17, 2020 (Presidents Theme)

  1. You didn’t post the answers here are mine:

    1) Gerald Ford – 10
    2) New York – 9
    3) John Tyler – 8
    4) Garfield – 7
    5) 18 – 6
    6) Tippecanoe – 5
    7) John Quincy Adams – 4
    8) David Delano – 3
    9) Federalist – 2
    10) Our American Cousin – 1

    M1 Reagan
    M2 George W Bush
    M3 Carter
    M4 Coolidge

    Final – Taft

    Mystery Round number 3 is actually Nixon. So I missed that one.

    1. I don’t have the photos of this game’s questions and answers saved anymore. Sorry, I’m kind of going “paperless” with the recaps. Coolidge is correct, Carter is incorrect (Nixon was correct for the Hank Aaron q) I’m pretty sure the rest of yours are correct. I may not be posting answers with every recap anymore.

      1. That’s understandable. Presidential questions are my best category. After answering, I checked my answers. I was only wrong on the Hank Aaron question. Thanks for the post.

      2. We would’ve done a little better if this hadn’t been preluded with day drinking (LOL), and if we had scrap paper and pens. But it was our wedding anniversary, it was raining, and our state not allowing excessive travel, so there is that!

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