It’s Our Wedding Anniversary Sunday…Our Camping Plans Were Canceled, And It’s Supposed to Rain…So…


My husband and I have decided to get out our “Sportbrella” for our wedding anniversary and set it up in our yard! It’s supposed to rain all day, you can’t really go to parks (bathrooms are all closed), and we don’t want to just sit on our asses inside watching movies. Even if they are new releases that we had pay extra to rent! The only thing missing from this photo is…beer! We’re going to have to figure out what beer we’ll get for the occasion! Oh about that…I bought us beer cozies for our anniversary! They’re made of neoprene. Now we’ll be able to tell whose beer is whose!


Mine is the one with daisies! The tie-dyed one is my huband’s – easily visible, and reflects his nature as a hippie at heart.


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