What’s The Buzz? Yet Another Quarantine 2020 Update…(May 15, 2020)


Not much new to report here on the “quarantine front.” I live in Michigan, which remains under a state  mandated “stay at home” order until May 28. Yes, it’s been controversial, and some folks are complaining about it. But – for the most part – my blog site is a “politics free zone!”

Biggest things happening to me as of late…I broke a filling late Tuesday night and have a gaping hole that will have to get fixed next week. I’ll  be getting a dental bridge, as the tooth itself cannot be saved. Thankfully, I’m not in any pain. I’m rinsing with salt water after every meal, trying to be careful what I eat, yada yada. I’ve pretty much become an expert at tooth extraction recovery! I’ll ask for a prescription of “Super Motrin,” but pass on the Tylenol 3, as it seemed not to do a damned thing for me last time I tried it. Aside from giving me some whacked out dreams involving giant cats – and a freeway accident. Hard pass…

In other news, I will not likely be able to return to my same job after this “furlough,” since I don’t think the company I work for will recover financially enough to open its doors again (in fact, I predict they’ll file for bankruptcy). It’s probably for the best – I did kind of hate my job, barely tolerated my co-workers, downright hated one of my supervisors and had to talk myself into not calling off work more mornings than I care to admit. I don’t know what field of employment I’ll be looking for, but it will have to be something. I do hope employees might be allowed into the store to get things from lockers! I have a nice red utility knife – and lots of replacement blades for it! But neither of those things are expensive to replace…

My wedding anniversary is in two days, and our plans to rent a cabin in the Grand Rapids area (Greenville, specifically) – were scrapped – and our money was refunded to us by Kent County Parks. We expected that to happen, but are still a bit bummed, of course!!!

My “quarantine partner” and I have been passing time in the evenings playing board games, occasionally watching TV/movies- and playing “virtual” trivia offered by Sporcle Live using Zoom. My husband and I will do a game tonight at 9 with hosted by Tyler (former host at The Owl), and Saturday I’ll probably try to get the team together like I have the past couple of Saturdays. Sunday, I’ll be doing a “presidents” themed game at 8. I’ll be using the name “Chester Arthur was a Canadian.”

By virtue of playing these “virtual games,” we’ve had a chance to “meet” a friend’s two daughters whom we had never officially met before the pandemic – and I think they’re both tickled by having met my husband! Their mother messaged me and said they want him to style his long hair into a man bun! I responded by saying, “Why don’t you have them ask him next time we’re in a Zoom conference?” As much of a soft spot that my husband has for young girls (NOT pervy at all, don’t even go there…), I think he will be able to say “no” to these girls! I’ve told him that if we ever had daughters, he’d be the ultimate “doting father!” They would be SO spoiled…

He got to experience that vicariously a bit with my niece when she was growing up. When she was little, he would carry her around…as she got older, we even went on some camping/backpacking trips together. Now she’s in college…and probably really bummed that she can’t get out for her ski meets, cross country meets, etc. Maybe she even has a boyfriend that she’s not able to see much these days!!! Occasionally I’ve been able to chat with her daddy (my brother) in some of these Zoom games.

What else? Oh yes, tomorrow I’ll be having lunch on my parents’ deck in a belated celebration of Mother’s Day. We’ll all be sitting outside, more than safely distanced from each other, using our own silverware/drinking vessels, etc. We will not even have to come inside their house. My mom said she’s baking chocolate cookies and we’re welcome to take some. I joked that I’d spray them with Lysol first!!! We’ll be getting food from a barbecue joint near their house called Bonehead’s.

I think it might be nice to pick up some beer beforehand!!!


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