Happy Wedding Anniversary To Me? A “Presidents” Themed Trivia Game!!!

A couple of days ago, I got the e-mail I didn’t want to get – yet I totally expected to get it. Our cabin reservation my husband and I made for our upcoming wedding anniversary had been canceled and our money refunded. We’re a little bummed, but we kind of figured it was coming.

We’re trying to make alternate plans to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary at home next Sunday. Which will probably involve picking up a carry out dinner and possibly some dessert! If it’s nice, we can sit outside and maybe see some bunnies.

Sigh…it’s not the same as taking a nice road trip, staying in a cabin for a couple of nights and seeing family at a safe distance. A cousin of Mike’s was going to try seeing us at our cabin site. But 2020 is shaping up to be the year where…


No point whining or crying about it…it just is!

Well…there is always virtual trivia! And on our wedding anniversary day there will be…

U.S. Presidents themed trivia! Yes, I’ll DEFINITELY be signing up for this!

Ever since I learned all of the U.S. presidents’ names when I was in third grade (thanks Mrs. Fohey), it’s been my “knowledge baby” on trivia nights with my trivia team. I’m always trying to learn a bit more – and I will have plenty of time on my hands to learn  even more during the next several days!

Oy… I only wish I had a good person to team up with me on this trivia night!!! I’ll probably have my husband handy to help submit answers on the tablet, but he probably won’t help with the questions too much.

Now to study presidential alma maters! Presidents’ former jobs! Sports teams that presidents rooted for (LOL)!!!!


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