Trivia Recap – VIRTUAL TRIVIA – May 5, 2020


It was one of those evenings where one half of a quarantined “pair” said “What do you want to do tonight, honey?”

“I guess I’m up for anything.”

“How about a virtual trivia game then?”

“OK, that sounds different!”


And thus commenced another super exciting evening in quarantine! Mike and I signed up online, and managed to “hustle” a couple of helpers, whom I’ll call “Dave and Susan.” I tried to pick a Michigan-based host, whom in this case were actually a pair of hosts, whom I’ll call “Kevin” and “Chris.” They played around with Zoom backdrops that made them look like they were in front of a chalkboard, on a tropical beach, in Vegas, and in a stadium. I didn’t opt for such fancy gadgetry, if you saw me on camera, you just saw a set of doors that lead to the bathroom/laundry room – and furnace room. And you might see a little snippet of map in the background (more about that map in a bit – it’s an important plot point…but not really)!

Here’s a pic of me – and my map (Sorry, me and my map are not together – couldn’t find a decent pic of me and the map together, though I may remedy that soon)!



It’s my “sports teams” map that I recently updated…hmmm, whatever will I do if we have questions about stadiums? Will I be a good girl and not look at the map? Uh, probably!

We set up shop in our basement – aka “dungeon” for the game, picked  mainly because of its flattering “mood lighting” (pssst…light bulbs that can be dimmed, you can see the “mood lighting” in the psychotic looking photo of me above). Most important reason for doing the “virtual trivia” game in the basement? That’s where the booze is!

After a couple more of these  games, I just might get the “hang” of using the Zoom conferencing software (that pesky mute/unmute button has been my Kryptonite).

Here are the questions…(some may be paraphrased).


  1. Games – Name one of the two animal-shaped pieces in the game “Operation.”
  2. Historical Sites – The Valley Forge historical site is located northwest of what major U.S. city? A bit of discussion here, when I realized “Valley Forge” wasn’t the same as “Mount Vernon,” we actually started to talk about the RIGHT answer!
  3. Greatest Hits – What band released their first greatest hist compilation album in 2005, which included the songs “Dammit,” “The Rock Show” and “Feeling This,” among others? This time, we discussed the right answer, but were not sure….miss.
  4. Cars – What car manufacturer made the Skylark model?
  5. TV Debuts – Within one, in what year did the TV shows “Boston Legal,” “Jackass,” and “Dark Angel” debut? Off by one year in our guess…boo (that was all me…sorry guys)!
  6. Roles – What greedy character was played by Michael Douglas in the 1987 film  Wall Street and its 2010 sequel?
  7. Diamonds – What word can describe both a card game and a diamond that is set by itself in a piece of jewelry?
  8. Citrus – What citrus fruit is approximately the size of a large olive and has a name derived from the Cantonese word that means “golden orange?”
  9. Nobel Prizes – In 1903, who became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize – for her research on radiation phenomena?
  10. U.S. States – What is the largest U.S. state by total area that does not have the letter “A” in its name? Funny, I didn’t even look at my map when we answered this question! Scout’s honor…

Mystery – This Day in History

On this day in:

M1 – An outnumbered Mexican army defeated an invading army from what country at the Battle of Puebla? I remembered this because of a “Cinco de Mayo” blog I did last year (isn’t learning stuff great)?

M2 – 2002, what superhero film became the first movie to top $100 million  in an opening weekend?

M3 – 1967, what author’s One Hundred Years in Solitude was first published?

M4 – 1973, what horse won the Kentucky Derby?

Missed #3, never heard of the guy…

Here’s a pic of standings going into the final (we used the name “It’s a Global Pandemic Charlie Brown):


Final category – Scientists

Three women who have pioneered the modern discipline of primatology are known as the “Trimates.” Name two of those three women.


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