When Your Driveway Turns Into a “Bier Garten”

We had some warm temperatures on Monday, so we decided to capitalize on the opportunity to soak up some sun – and suds – just in time for “happy hour!” We can’t visit bars right now since they’re all closed for everything but carryout and curbside pickup. We did the next best thing –  and ordered a couple of six packs of beer from a brewery about a mile from our house, set up some camping chairs in front of our garage and had our own little “happy hour” in the sun! Yes, we felt a bit like rednecks, but it was SO nice to just kick back a bit and feel the sun on our faces! Especially after a month of quarantine….As I recall, I may have uttered the words “Hell to the f— yeah” as the great “unwinding” happened sometime during beer #2! We picked up a six pack of “Pollination Sensation” – a honey lavender ale – and “Trail Lyte” – a lower-calorie raspberry beer (we wanted to drink beers that reflected the spirit of Spring). I placed the order by phone, paid with my debit card, and drove up to pick  the beer. Not the same as enjoying one in a “real” bier garten or at the bar, but still –  they really, really hit the spot! We’ve been “surviving” on vodka/juice cocktails (usually consumed in our basement while we play board games), so this was the first beer we’d drank in about a month!




It was good for my husband to chill out after his work day (he continues working from home right now).

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