Day 21 Of Not Working…

I’ve  never had this much time off work in my life…

Not really much  else to report…schools, bars, restaurants  and many other “non essential” businesses  are shut down or operating in limited capacities because  of COVID19. Residents  of my state have been asked to stay  home  unless it’s  necessary  to go out (work in an essential  job, get supplies, etc.) My state’s  governor Gretchen  Whitmer (Michigan) is expected to announce  extending the “stay at home” directive in a news conference tomorrow.

I’ve  been  going  out  for  walks, but even those  can be a challenge in busy areas when social distancing  is adhered to. Other walkers, cyclists  can force you into the street or force you  to step  back six feet and let them  pass by. I’m  not complaining…I guess this is the new reality (sigh). We will all need to adjust. If I have to use my trusty polearm to keep people six feet away from me, then I’ll  do it (LOL)! What will it be? Halberd? Voulge? Staff? Pike? Shower rod with knife glued onto it???


Having to stay home when weather is so gorgeous is a bit of a challenge! But  as of now I’m  not fighting  for my life –  or fighting  to save someone else’s life. That’s  something, right?



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