Pandemic 2020 Scenarios Re: Men’s Hairdos

I’m really curious as to what an extended “stay at home” directive will do to men’s hair styles without professional hair styling being available. Except for folks who might be quarantined with people who work as professional stylists or barbers! !
This could play out any number of ways:

Scenario #1 – Just Go “Au Naturel”

a.k.a. “let nature take its course”


Some guys may opt to go “au naturel”  (like Mr. Grizzly Adams here) and not bother getting it cut at all – which will leave curlier haired gents with hair growing out instead of down (as friends such as Sam have said happens when he grows his hair out, you’ll see an example of this in a bit). Or, for straighter/wavier haired men, they might end up looking like Charles Manson (my long-haired husband is pretty much halfway there already). If you’re lucky, you’ll look like Billy Crudup in Almost Famous…


This is pretty close to my husband’s ‘do right now… ⇑ Heeere’s Charlie!



Billy Crudup in Almost Famous. Yeah, baby! I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this in the coming weeks (wink-wink)!  Sadly, what we’re more likely to see as men go “au naturel” will probably be more like these next two photos:


The “Mad Scientist” look is going to be ALL the rage at the Milan fashion show projected remotely from supermodels’ living rooms! Long hair, however – doesn’t look the same on every man. If you have curlier locks, you might wind up looking more like this: ⇓

Scenario #2 – Attempt Home Haircuts

Unless you’re lucky enough to be co-habiting with an out of work professional hair stylist or barber, I wouldn’t recommend this option! There’s a reason we have the phrase “Leave it to the pros.” No, no, no, no and NO! And what are you DOING with that weed trimmer? Your hand isn’t that steady! Just stop…



Scenario #3: Just Shave It All Off


Since guys might be having difficulty finding shaving supplies at stores during this time, buying an electric beard trimmer and just taming the “scruff” might be a viable pandemic option (vis a vis Jason Statham).

Here are some other “just shave it all off” examples…⇓

"Star Trek: Picard" Fan-Screening In Berlin

Patrick Stewart ⇑ has been sporting the “clean” look for so long – who even remembers what he looks like with hair?


Damon Wayans ⇑ rocking the “smooth” look…


Former Seagrams pitchman and onetime Cybill Shepherd punching bag Bruce Willis has been doing “bald” for quite a while…


There are lots of pluses to opting for the chrome dome! Just keep in mind not everyone has the “right” head shape to pull this off. Also, bald guys can look a bit…unsettling. Just think of Ed Norton in American History X (not sharing a photo of him here…I don’t share images of Swastikas on my site).  But not having any hair hanging in your face is a surefire guarantee that you won’t be able to use your unruly hair as an excuse to touch your face!


Then there is the subject of facial hair – what I really want to know is if online sales of beard trimmers/electric shavers have increased during this worldwide pandemic. My husband is very happy with his electric beard trimmer right now!

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