March Was Indeed a Crazy Month…Thanks For Taking Time To Visit This Site!

March was indeed a crazy month in terms of world events – and events in the state in which I live (Michigan). My state’s governor Gretchen Whitmer has issued an executive order asking residents to stay home unless working in “essential” jobs, picking up “essential” supplies, providing care to relatives or their pets, or just going outside to take a damn walk (exercising social distancing when you do). All of the bars/restaurants have been closed to pretty much everything except carry out, curbside pickup and delivery…and some aren’t even open at all.  My husband and I used to enjoy going to bars (perhaps a bit TOO much, LOL), so this was a big adjustment. But we both know it’s for the greater good that we’re not being exposed to – and possibly spreading our own germs around. We’ve adjusted to staying in…spending most of our evenings in our “human cave” (basement) playing board games. It’s a nice way to interact with each other and kind of distract ourselves from all of the madness in the “real world.” Our “human cave” has its own mini-fridge and we even have a bathroom down there. Plus, when it’s laundry time, I can just get some laundry done while we’re hanging out down there.

While my husband is definitely in his element when he’s “gaming,” I’m definitely in my element when I’m playing DJ! In last night’s game, we had a group of “survivors” in a zombie apocalypse setting who woke up in a house that they thought was safe…only to find a zombie in the room! So I found the song “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine on Spotify and played that as the survivors were waking up – and scrambling to find weapons.

I have a “zombie killing” music playlist I’ve created, and when we want to hear other songs that aren’t on the list, I can usually find them on Spotify.

I’ve been out of work since March 18, and was most recently informed by my supervisor that we’re all laid off until further notice. I’d already applied for unemployment (and got my first payment today), so that was no surprise. My husband’s job is classified as “essential” (communications/media), and he works from home, so for NOW, things are going “OK” for both of us (fingers crossed). Both of our parents, as of now, are doing well, too. I’m very concerned about my mom, since she has asthma and could be one of those “vulnerable” people if she gets this virus. I have underlying asthma too (though it rarely rears its head – only when I get a bad cold), so it’s definitely a worry for me, too.

Despite all of this madness, I still managed to get 2,585 visitors to my blog site during that crazy month! I’ve been working to provide daily “content,” even if can’t do the recaps of live trivia games that my readers seem to really like. I appreciate all of the views of old trivia recaps, recaps of trivia tournaments and views of the many, many trivia quizzes I’ve posted on here in the past few years.  I’ve still been writing my own questions sets every single day (which I will start on when I’m done with this blog) and attempting to keep my trivia team’s players – and other friends –  “engaged” with trivia questions every day.  I’ve also tuned into a few “live streaming” video games, and have been invited by a rival team to possibly play in a Zoom Trivial Pursuit showdown! That could be interesting…but does this mean I have to put on something “nice” and do my hair if I’m going to be on video? The horror! I’ll have to really think about that! Maybe I’ll just do the World Poker Tour thing and just wear a hoodie with sunglasses! Air of mystery – or laziness? You decide! Pssst…it’s laziness!

Speaking of that, apparently sales of tops – but not bottoms – are up all around the country because of video conferencing. I would imagine sales of pajama bottoms have gone up, too (I know I could certainly use a couple of more pairs)!

I don’t think the month of April will be much better than the month of March. I think the COVID-19 illnesses/ deaths are only going to increase, but hopefully hit an apex so we can start coming down from all of this. I have no idea what’s going to happen. But if nothing else, it already looks like April will at least be warm enough for us to have our damn windows open and hear the birds chirping outside (which is happening right now as I type this)!

I’m just going to say thanks again for taking time to visit my site! I’ll keep writing the blogs if you keep reading them! Please stay as safe as you can…and stay as healthy as you can. We’ll beat this virus yet!!!


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