Sign ‘O The Times? We’ve Been Invited To a Kids’ “Drive-By Birthday Party”

The daughter of a friend is having a “birthday parade” for her 12-year-old daughter Tuesday.  I’ve decided I’m going to “attempt” to make a poster for her – using the reverse side of an oversized novelty check we received after winning first place in a trivia tournament in 2017! I have a blue and a red sharpie marker…I’ll put my best artistic skills to use for this girl whom I’ve never even met! We’re trying not to go out to buy “things” unless we need to. I’m gonna make do with what we have around the house.

I’ll also put together my best “MacGyver” skills in figuring out how to display this poster from the windows of our car! We have some twine that Mike uses for gardening…I’m fairly certain I’ll figure something out.

We’re all too excited to have an opportunity to go for a car ride! I think this whole “quarantine” thing is really forcing us to put things into perspective…


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