Day 14 Quarantine Update…March 29, 2020

It’s  been  11 days since I last went to work, but  it’s  been  two weeks since folks in my state of Michigan have been  able  to really “go out.” Bars and restaurants  have  been closed to everything  except carryout/delivery, most churches have been shuttered, “non-essential  businesses” are closed…including but not limited  to movie theaters, salons, sports arenas, gyms and countless  others.

I saw a local playground  while  out walking Saturday surrounded with yellow caution tape. I also heard that public basketball hoops were being  removed to discourage  congregating. State parks have been shut down. People can still visit them, but all of the restrooms -including outhouses – have  been closed. Visitors  must carry out their own trash, and picnic shelters are also being closed. I’m  pretty sure a cabin trip we booked in mid May at a county  park near Grand Rapids will have to be canceled. I’m  waiting  for the parks  commission  to make that call so we can hopefully  get all of our money back.

Grocery stores  remain  open, and hospitals  have become “war zones” from what friends in my social media circles  are saying. One of them is a scientist working at Henry Ford Hospital whom is helping to  administer COVID-19 tests. My friend Brad’s sister in law is a nurse’s aide – and has been virtually  thrust into “the front lines.” Another friend has a young  son battling cancer in a local hospital. Not good timing, that’s  for sure! I feel very  deeply for all of those  folks working in this madness right now  – not just health care workers  but also grocery store workers, first responders, paramedics, etc.

I can’t  even say how grateful  I am to not be directly  involved in all of this. I think it’s  only going to get worse before it gets better. These medical professionals  are ALL heroes right  now…despite  having to work in such trying, desperate, hopeless conditions. They need more protective  gear – and we need a cure. A treatment  at the very least.

My husband  and I have  really only ventured outside for walks or supply runs. I’m  giving myself  a rest day from walks  today (unless that pesky  wind dies down).

The nightly board games have been a great diversion…more zombie killing  is planned  for  tonight!


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