What I’m Trying To Do To Fight COVID-19

I’m kind of “sidelined” from my job right now – as I’ve been since March 18, but I’m still trying to do little things to “arm” myself for any catastrophes that may befall my body related to COVID-19.


The biggest thing is…exercise! I’ve been out for three “solo” walks this week, which are allowed under Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s request that state residents stay home – unless they absolutely need to go out (to buy supplies, etc., yada yada). Walks are ALLOWED! All her directive asks if we still maintain “social distances” while getting exercise outside. I have absolutely NO problem with that! Anything that helps keep people the f— away from me, I can dig that! I’ve been going to great lengths to stay away from people.

I had asthma as a kid, teenager, and in a more mild capacity, as a young adult. It virtually disappeared by the time I was in my late 20s, though I still have too many colds affecting my lungs. Knowing that COVID-19 seems to like affecting the lungs, I thought it would be good to step up my fitness routine. And this means getting my blood going, breathing a bit faster, logging the steps (which I don’t count….I don’t have any “devices” telling me anything about my walks) …all assisted by my portable mp3 player providing me with some good “marching tunes.” I’ve already seen results – I’m trimming up a bit, my legs are getting into better shape, and the “daily constitutionals” are helping to improve my mood. An important thing in these very, very dark times. I was even bold enough to sing out loud on my walk today! An older couple outside doing yard work near Ypsilanti’s Depot Town got to hear me singing Billy Ocean’s “Loverboy!” This little bit of “me” time I’ve been getting has been great…

I’ve also been trying to eat healthier, too. Just today, we stocked up on more vegetables, including cabbage! I’ll probably use that in stir fry in the next few days.

This virus could still take me down anyway despite my best efforts. But I want to at least give myself a fighting chance. It’s always been my dream to die in battle, though on a battlefield – not alone in a hospital bed. But I don’t get to choose, do I? The best I can do is choose my weapon…which is my body. Here’s hoping it don’t fail me now!


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