Came Up With Some Great “Archer” Dialogue Last Night…


Mike and I were playing a board game called Red Dragon Inn last night, and I was playing a brawny female character who is also the bosun of a ship, The gist of the game is it’s a bunch of D&D-like adventurers gathered in a pub after an adventure and your goal is to beat up other players, bankrupt them or drink them under the table. So, essentially, it’s like “real life” LOL.

All of that said…I wound up using the voice of Pam from “Archer” while I was playing the bosun character Brynn. And I came up up with some dialogue that would be great on “Archer” – all the while doing my best imitation of Pam…

“Ah, I drank stronger stuff when I was hazing that fraternity in college.”

Other player: “You mean sorority, don’t you?”

“No, I meant fraternity. I told them if they didn’t let me in I’d kick all of their asses.”

Other player: “So they let you in then?”

“No, I kicked all of their asses and took over their house.”

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