Coronavirus House Arrest Update -Day 4 (March 19, 2020)

Nothing  really “new” to report. I created an online account to allow me to file an unemployment  claim, but I couldn’t  get into the site successfully. I’ll  assume the system  might  be a bit  overwhelmed  right now with everything  that’s  going on. I’ll try to make sure I get  that done Friday, even  if it means getting on the phone (ugh)!

Each day I’m  out of work  – weather permitting  – I’ll  go out  for a walk  – shooting  for walking  at least  an hour. Also, as long as I’m  “inspired” to do it, I’ll  continue  posting  a trivia  question  set of my own each day. Sadly, “my” question  sets don’t  seem to get  as many readers as my written recaps of “live” trivia  games. But they’re  giving me something to do – and I like the challenge – and I’m  actually  learning  quite  a  bit!

My husband  and I had some craft brewery beer delivered “curbside” to our car today. We may play games in the basement again later tonight. This time, he gets  to pick the games! He’s  mentioned  wanting  to play Cults Across America  or Monsters Menace America. As long as I get  to choose  the music on Spotify, I’m  “game” for anything!

We’re  just trying  to do our best  to fight this  virus  – AND boredom! Distraction protocol alpha!

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