Questions From Our “Stay at Home” Quarantine Trivia Night…(March 19, 2020)

Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order Monday, March 16 ordering all Michigan bars/restaurants to be closed to everything but carry out/curbside/delivery services, which means that we have not been able to go out to the bar. Which my husband and I enjoyed doing…even if it WASN’T trivia night!

That being said, we had a “stay at home” trivia night in our basement game room. We played the 20th anniversary edition of “Trivial Pursuit” As for the games, we played pretty “fast and loose” rather than “win or lose.” We gave each other hints (even on “wedge” questions), threw out questions that were too out of date or too difficult – and even called in a “lifeline” on one of the questions! I sent a Messenger message to our longtime trivia teammate Brad for a question we had about baseball (I said if Brad knew it Mike would get the wedge).

The categories in the game were Global View, The Written Word, Sound & Screen, Innovations, News and Game Time.

Here are some of the questions we asked each other during Wednesday’s game:

  1. Sound & Screen – What late-night TV show popularized Triumph the Insult Comic Dog before its creator was sued for maligning the pets dot com sock puppet? 
  2. News – What 2000 Republican presidential hopeful dove into a mosh pit to gain an “endorsement” from Michael Moore’s cable TV show? 
  3. Sound & Screen – Who won pop vocal Grammy awards in 1987, 1993, 1999 and 2000? 
  4. Game Time – How much were Laker Girls paid per game in the 2000-2001 season – $850, $85 or $8.50? 
  5. Game Time – What crafty Arizona southpaw accidentally ironed his face while watching a game on TV? 
  6. Sound & Screen – What punk pioneer once demanded backstage delivery of “seven dwarfs dressed up as those dwarfs out of that film about the dwarfs?” 
  7. Global View – What Asian capital updated the English spelling of its airport from Kimpo to Gimpo in 2001? 
  8. Global View – What city stays moist by piping in 300 million gallons of water a day from the Owens Valley? 
  9. The Written Word – Who topped the first-ever Forbes list of “Richest Deceased Dead Celebrities” in 2001? 
  10. The Written Word – Who’s the mystery-solving feline in Lillian Jackson Braun’s “The Cat Who…” series of books?
  11. The Written Word – What two boxers are central to Mark Kram’s 2001 book Ghosts of Manila
  12. Game Time – What hip-hop group’s first kung fu video game racked u[p 600,000 sales for PlayStation? 
  13. Innovations – What computer devices got a speed boost when manufacturers switched from phase-shift keying to quadrature amplitude modulation? 
  14. The Written Word – Who called writing the 1990 book In the Arena “the therapy to put Watergate behind me?” 
  15. Innovations – How old was Italy’s Rosanne Della Corte when she gave birth in 1994 to a child conceived with a donated egg – 52, 62, or 72?
  16. News – Who are the only two men in history to get more popular votes in a U.S. presidential election than George W. Bush, through 2001?
  17. News – What U.S. state was home to the one-foot square “Whitewater Micro-Acres” that rancher Carry Carpenter hawked on the Net for $35?
  18. Global View – What president is clean-shaven and skinny as a rail in a 30-foot tall Springfield, IL statue?
  19. Global View – What Asian nation became the world’s fourth largest in population after the Soviet breakup?
  20. The Written Word – What new age pundit did Time magazine call “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine?”



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