Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m of course very bummed that I can’t “go out” on this St. Patrick’s Day because of COVID-19 concerns closing down all of the bars/restaurants in my state to everything but carry out/delivery/curbside service. But I am thankful I am not sick, and crossing my fingers that I won’t get this virus, am hopeful that our best health care providers and scientific minds will kick this virus to the curb… Tonight, I’ll make myself feel better about all of this by having a lovely dinner of hearty Irish stew and canned biscuits in just a bit. Yeah…I may have phoned it in with the biscuits, but I did NOT phone it in with the stew (so much rinsing and chopping)! I’ll probably smell the cooked cabbage for at least a century, LOL!

Here’s a shot of the beer I used in the stew (I used half a bottle and drank the other half). ⇓



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