Corona “House Arrest” Day One – Our “Game Room” Is Set Up And Ready To Use!

Today it was officially announced that bars and restaurants in Michigan would be closed for business (except carry out and delivery). This was the “kick in the pants” I needed to finally finish cleaning up the basement! I got started with the task in January, and got a lot of the heavy “dirty work” done. Today I finished up!

Now the poker table and beer fridge is ready to use! The small fridge is holding three growlers of beer, the adjacent bathroom has been cleaned, and the toilet has been tested (it flushes, but you need to hold down the handle). I even brought down a clean towel, a bottle of hand soap, and there are couple of small bottles of sanitizer and a package of sanitizing wipes. Later, I’ll test to see if I can use the stereo receiver to play streaming music from my laptop on the stereo speakers (which I was able to do at a housewarming party in 2010). Sadly, the CD player no longer works…

We have a shelf full of board games, I’ll be playing DJ with the tunes…it’s just so sad we can’t have people over to have fun with us! Though for THAT to happen, I’ll have to clean up the basement bathroom a BIT better! The jet tub is…kind of being used for storage! Oh yes, most importantly…the basement bathroom has a roll of toilet paper!

I also made sure every light fixture has a working light bulb…

On the left is the fridge and “drink pouring station.” There are some paper beer mats, a couple of mule mugs, paper towels (don’t even think about stealing them LOL), and a bottle opener. There is also a reusable towel to clean up spills (though you can’t see it in the picture). F— you Coronavirus, you may be able to kill us, but at least we won’t die of boredom!

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