Wasting Away…In Coronavirusville….Looking For A Shaker of Salt…

I was in a local craft brewery Friday night called the YpsiAlehouse and noticed a handful of things that were odd:

  1. People were ALREADY dressed for St. Patrick’s Day. Uh…isn’t that next Tuesday? #amateurhour #reallypeople #patienceisavirtue #waitforit
  2. There were no “condiment baskets” on the tables that usually have ketchup, mustard, napkins, wet naps, etc. Customers who ordered food had servers bring said baskets to their table.
  3. The “communal” water jug was absent with a note telling customers to ask for water at the bar.

I also heard a “rumor” from a woman in the restroom (who sounded like she should’ve been cut off a few rounds ago) who said that an employee at The Tap Room in downtown Ypsilanti had the corona virus. I also heard the same thing from my hair stylist this morning. This MUST be true, then? Could the words of a drunken woman in an adjacent bathroom stall and the words of the woman cutting my hair possibly be wrong?

Yup, the story is true…

Another local restaurant called Sidetrack also uses “condiment baskets,” which contain napkins, hot sauce, ketchup, mustard AND little baskets of sliced pickles! I never risked eating those pickles, even before this whole hullaballoo infected the globe, but my husband used to enjoy munching on them while we waited for our food! All of that stuff they use to preserve the pickles couldn’t possibly be accommodating to viruses…can they? Can anything survive in all of that brine?

Now I’m wondering if this is putting a temporary halt to “buffet” style dining that even when we weren’t in “pandemic mode” was always kind of a risky endeavor. I’m pretty sure all restaurants are going to be taking a hit, though I don’t think it will be permanent.


Deja Vu in Ypsilanti, MI (which is kitty corner from the YpsiAlehouse)

Most importantly…what will this do for business at friendly local “strip clubs?” Will the dancers have to keep a six foot distance while doing lap dances? Will they have to wear latex gloves?  Hey, someone has to think of THESE businesses, too!


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