Shopping Adventures COVID19 Part I…

Went into two grocery stores today – Busch’s in Ann Arbor (Main Street) – and Save a Lot in Ypsilanti Township (Holmes Road – Ypsilanti Township).

Busch’s still had some toilet paper left, mainly “store” brands. They didn’t have the 1,000 sheets per roll T.P. that we usually buy (beggars can’t be choosers during a global panic, after all).  I bought one 12 pack of T.P. and one two-pack of paper towels. Also some beer! Gotta have priorities, right?


Still live with paper towels, toilet paper and…Short’s Soft Parade.

At Save A Lot, they were sold out of T.P, but still had some paper towels. Bags of rice were running low, I bought ONE bag (only because we have none in our cupboard). Clerk who rung me up said T.P. had sold out the previous night.

I had a  customer behind me at Save a Lot whom was buying one tallboy of Natty Ice (whatever it was it was 8 percent ABV…so malt liquor?). Gotta love shopping in the ‘hood!


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