How Is Our Trivia Team Responding To The COVID-19 Virus?

Since everyone else seems to be making “statements” right now regarding the COVID-19 virus, then why shouldn’t our trivia team be any different?

Steps The Pods Will Take To Halt The Spread of The Corona Virus

***Please note some of these things are intended as a joke***


More about rubber finger tentacles in a bit!
  • No more French kissing during trivia games. Or at other times. Even if it is just a “hello” kiss.
  • No more sticking of ink pens in the nostrils or mouth when stupidly trying to think of answers to trivia questions. Even if you’re attempting to do a lame impression of Groucho Marx or George Burns.
  • All pens/pencils/crayons will be soaked in bleach solution after trivia games.
  • No more touching of other players with rubber finger tentacles. Even if it is intended as a “good luck” gesture.  This will be strictly adhered to – even if we swear we’ve sanitized them with enough bleach to make a bathroom floor at a gas station clean enough to eat off its surface.
  • No more picking of other players’ noses.
  • No more using answer slips as tissues even when no tissues are available.
  • Wash hands before and after “fist-bumping” other players when you get answers correct. Or hastily smear with hand sanitizer  to save time.
  • No more coughing/sneezing to cover up fart noises.
  • Sick players are encouraged to stay home from trivia games. But if they do skip a trivia game, they must do one of the following things: attempt to mentally project answers to fellow teammates while they are out playing trivia games, binge-watch Jeopardy! episodes, read old Trivial Pursuit question cards, play quizzes on a trivia site, or use any trivia apps. There is no rest for the wicked!


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