Trivia “Rerun” From About Four Years Ago…



A couple of “Reruns” ⇑


Sorry blog readers, but I don’t have any “new” trivia recaps to share with you today! Here is a rerun from about four years ago from a game we played at Arbor Brewing Company Brewpub. A couple of things about playing there – it was pretty nice at the beginning when the Sunday night trivia scenes started in the summer of 2015. We made it a semi-regular spot, managed to win a couple of tournament spots by playing here, and I had a couple of players living in Ann Arbor who could come out to some of the games. Also, this place was haunted! Now I’m not saying  I actually *believe* in ghosts, but I like to hedge my bets! Also – my husband was poked in the ribs during a game when nobody was sitting next to him. We like to joke that it was the ghost who did that (most likely while he was breaking my balls, LOL)…And I like to joke that it was the ghost who stole my mystery round notes from a venue tournament game!

Restaurant/bar staff will back up the ghost claims, too. An Ann Arbor police officer was  shot and killed in this building in the 1930s. You can read more about this possible “ghost story” in this article.

Then they decided to “renovate” the bar – which opened up the trivia room – which had previously been separate from the rest of the restaurant (when smoking was allowed in Michigan restaurants this was the smoking area). While it was still “kind of” separate, big chunks of wall were now gone, so trivia players could hear crying babies and other loud noises coming from the restaurant during trivia games (the horror)!

Also the menu was overhauled, and everything became more expensive. And they stopped honoring mug club memberships from their Ypsilanti location (mug club members got discounts on beer). So with all of that said…we decided we didn’t want to continue playing at this spot.

As for last night, we decided to skip the trivia night at Sticks Thursday and hit a happy hour earlier in the evening. Why? I wanted to celebrate one of the big changes at work! I’m kind of glad we skipped out, the trivia questions may have vexed us…here are the final questions from Thursday’s Sporcle Live games (answers in the comments):

Of the top ten Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors of 2019, four use vanilla ice cream as the base, including their most popular flavor, Half Baked, which also uses chocolate ice cream as the base. Name one of the other three.
Nope…don’t know any B&J flavors besides Cherry Garcia (and that is not one of the correct answers).
There are 4 characters who have earned multiple nominations for the Oscar for Best Actress. One is Leslie Crosbie, who was portrayed by Jeanne Eagels in the 1929 film The Letter and by Bette Davis in a 1940 film of the same name. Name one of the other 3.
A really, really good question! We “might” have gotten this if we’d put our heads together.
That’s about it for now! I’ve gotta leave in a bit so I can go pick up some Girl Scout cookies!

One thought on “Trivia “Rerun” From About Four Years Ago…

  1. Game one answers:
    Milk & Cookies
    (Stephen Colbert’s) Americone Dream
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    GAME 2 answers

    Esther Blodgett or Vicki Lester
    Queen Elizabeth I
    Josephine “Jo” March

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