Trivia Tonight (March 4, 2020)

I’m not feeling terribly  “bloggish” today…I don’t  even plan on using my laptop! I didn’t  sleep too well last night, and…I’m  still binge watching  “Get  Shorty” on Epix. Yeah, I’m  a lazy ass 😂 But this series  is good and we only have a couple  of more days left in the free preview  window.

Crime writer (and Michigan native) Elmore  Leonard is “partially” credited in this series,  though it’s  not really much  like his novel  by the same name. I remember  winning a solo tiebreaker for first in a trivia game about three years ago about  when one of his  novels  was published. I can’t  remember  which novel it was…but I remember  the game  was at Johnny’s Grill.  I’ll  have to poke around to see  if I can find  that recap!

I will  have  a trio playing  at Tower Inn tonight  for trivia. Unsure  as of now whether  we’ll  play Thursday  or not, we might  end up sitting  that game out unless the two of us who can  play actually  feel like playing.

I will  have  a recap  of tonight’s  game posted Thursday. If we do well I may post an update about the game later  tonight.

That’s  about  it for  now…



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