(FORENSIC FILES SPOILERS) “You Can Have My Socks – When You Take Them Off My Cold, Dead Body.”

This blog posting will include spoilers to the two new episodes of Forensic Files II. Don’t read on if you can’t stand spoilers. 

I’ve watched the first two episodes of “Forensic Files II” – which is supposed to be Forensic Files’ “new hotness.” And here are some of my observations about the two new episodes “On The Rocks” and “Buried Secrets.”

“On The Rocks”

“On The Rocks” is about the murder of Krystal Beslanowitch of Salt Lake City, Utah. She was killed in 1995 and her body was left in a remote area near the Provo River – with her black socks off. Her socks are actually an important plot point! She worked as a prostitute – and according to investigators – and others who knew her – she never took her socks off while she was “working.” So the fact that her black socks had been removed from her body – and folded neatly and left at the crime scene – was noteworthy to investigators.


I don’t know if the socks Blesanowitch typically wore “on the job” were quarter socks or crew socks – but they definitely weren’t knee socks, since she wore them with demiboots.

The guy whom was convicted of killing Beslanowitch (Joseph Michael Simpson of Florida)  has – to this day – not explained anything about why he removed the socks and folded them. A former prostitute interviewed in the episode (who decided to stop working as a hooker after Blesanowitchs’ death) – said the man who killed her “hated women.” Well…that’s a big “duh!” It also seems to be a common thing mentioned in these shows. Wait…stop the presses – a convicted killer of women – also hated women? Get OUT! Pardon me while I do a really, really poor job of acting shocked… it’s almost become tiresome. Why do we not hear about men-hating women going on killing sprees involving multiple men? There are plenty of women out there who not only hate men – but have good reasons to hate men! With the exception of convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos (who inspired the 2003 movie Monster starring a hagged-up Charlize Theron) – we don’t really hear much about those cases.  But…that’s another blog topic entirely! Aileen Wuornos DID have plenty of reasons to hate folks possessing Y chromosomes!


Convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos, a Michigan native – had plenty of reasons to dislike men! Not the least of which was her violently abusive grandfather – and being raped when she was 12, which caused her to get kicked out of the house and live in a nearby forested area.

For some strange reason – I can appreciate this little “quirk” of this teenage prostitute! Here we have a 17-year-old girl (I’m not going to call her a woman…let’s be clear that she was technically a child when this horrible thing happened to her) – is plying her “trade” on the streets in a not too nice section of Salt Lake City. She’s probably f—ing several scumbags a day – so she has little control over her life. Yet she still decides – “Hey, I’m not going to wear fishnets, tights or thigh highs – I’m going to wear nice, practical black socks underneath my boots – and my socks will only come off when I say so.” Maybe she liked to keep her feet clean – and warm?

I’m only speculating that this was her thought process, of course!

Another noteworthy thing about this case was a new “tool” used to help solve the crime – which is called a “M Vac.” As explained in the episode, its “original” purpose was food safety – but now it’s being used as a hand-held wet vac to help extract DNA from surfaces (criminals, beware).  This vacuum device even works on porous surfaces – such as rocks. And this is how they found the killer – whose DNA was in the national DNA database. His DNA from blood on the rocks he used as a murder weapon was “sucked” off with the M Vac. It took nearly 20 years for the technology to catch up enough for this to happen (which was in 2013 – the crime occurred in 1995).

“Buried Secrets”

The other new “Forensic Files II”  episode was “Buried Secrets.” This case was about an Ohio scumbag (I mean “man”) – whose pregnant wife – according to authorities – killed herself by hanging herself from a railing in an Akron, Ohio apartment in 1985.

And this would’ve been the end of the story had he not decided to try setting two houses on fire in 2009 – and 2010 in Stow, Ohio. An offhand comment he made to investigators about his former wife committing suicide prompted them to take a deeper look into the apparent “suicide.”  And you know what THIS means! One of the most exciting phrases you’ll ever hear on a true crime show! And I could just TELL that narrator Bill Camp was all too excited to say it:

 Exhume the body.


Sure enough, investigators learned that Purk’s wife Margaret didn’t kill herself after all. The marks on her body weren’t consistent with a death by intentional hanging – but were consistent with deliberate strangulation. In an odd twist of fate, the very same apartment where Scott and Margaret were living when this occurred in 1985 was still exactly the same – so they were able to examine the crime scene to look for stress marks on the wooden railing which would’ve been there had she actually hanged herself. The marks on her body resembled a belt – not rope.

I’m kind of starting to think Mr. Scott Purk might not be too bright – even though he ALMOST got away with killing his wife! If only he’d kept his mouth shut when police were investigating fires HE’D started (the motive was to collect insurance money since he was in $200,000 debt)… Apparently in one of those fires, he put a bunch of valuables in his minivan beforehand – but he and his new wife forgot to get their pet ferret out of the house before they burned it down!


Let’s do a checklist of the valuables, dear! Van Gogh paintings? Check! Vintage vinyl records? Check! Antique baseball cards? Check? Boxes of dad’s old Playboy magazines? Check! Ferret? Ooops….oh crap!

In closing, I’ll just make a couple of comments about the new narrator – Bill Camp. First off – he has BIG shoes to fill! Former narrator Peter Thomas was a legend in the narration world. Nobody can copy that voice! It seems to me like Camp is trying a bit too hard – which is kind of expected since he’s new to the job. I hope that he eventually decides to just let his own natural voice say the words that all true crime fans such as myself love to hear – such as “exhume the body,” “Luminol,” “super glue fuming,” “ravine,” and “forensic document examiner.”

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