(FOR ADULT READERS ONLY) – What If “True Crime” Shows Became Staged Reality Shows?

Editor’s note: Please do not continue reading if you’re disturbed by dark, violent subject matter including but not limited to vampires, adorable pets getting killed, homicide, etc. 

It’s no secret that some pretty dark thoughts sometimes creep into my head! I chalk that up more to my imagination than to me hiding some kind of inner…criminal! I may have the wiring, but I’m just too darned good aligned to ever, ever act on some of these dark thoughts I have!

Case in point – a recent sighting in my neighborhood of a “lost dog” sign. I did not take a photo of it, but it appeared to be a smallish-to medium female dog, with some markings similar to a collie (maybe it has some Sheltie in it). Every time my husband and I drove by the sign, I said:

Vampires did it. A vampire ate that dog – nobody is going to be able to find it.

But I didn’t stop there! I actually came up with a whole “back story” on the spot! Ahem…

“It wasn’t a “seasoned” vampire who did killed this cute dog. It was someone whom is likely new to the vampire life. They haven’t quite taken the immoral “leap” to hunting actual human victims yet, but they’ve advanced beyond feeding upon small rodents and are going after people’s pets.”

My husband – who used to play a lot of those vampire games in college published by White Wolf – actually backed me up on this! He said that once a vampire starts feeding upon actual humans, they actually lose something akin to “morality points.”

Honestly, I hope this adorable dog finds her way back home! I don’t WANT her to have been devoured by vampires! The fact that my mind “went there” doesn’t mean that I wanted it to…sometimes my mind just does what it does!

Another case in point was this morning, when I was looking to see if I can watch last night’s episode of the new “Forensic Files II” on demand. Sadly, I can’t…though it does come on again in about (checks clock) fifteen minutes!


In the movie Death Race, inmates are forced to engage in deadly car races with other inmates. What if inmates were induced to commit other crimes for purposes of entertainment? More about that in a bit! If you want a good laugh, watch the original Death Race movie that came out in the 1970s, and featured a young Sylvester Stallone!

Here was my thought…

What if Forensic Files ran out of “real” crimes to do shows about and had to start “staging” crimes just so they have enough material to entertain their viewers?

This would take “conspiracy theory” to a whole new dark level! Let’s talk about how many of the crimes on this show are committed by scumbags…I mean previous offenders. Maybe someone who did time for crimes before, gets out, and commits another crime. What if..what if –  that wasn’t an accident? What if they were – through finagling by Forensic Files producers in tandem with corrections/law enforcement – allowed to have reduced sentences or other “favors” if they were released from their incarceration in order to commit a crazy crime to be profiled in an episode of “Forensic Files?” This would be horrible on so, so many levels, of course – because some innocent person would have to die! Or would they? Could that be staged, too? It can be hard these days to figure out what  to believe – and what not to believe, after all!

This is all ridiculous, of course! I don’t see there ever being a shortage of “real” murders to be profiled on true crime shows! On that note, it comes on in a few minutes, so I’m going to wrap this up!

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