Me Versus My Inner Slob – The Ongoing Battle

I had  kind  of an “awakening” the last time I scrambled  to clean the house  the last time we had a visitor. I decided it was time for a change, so I said aloud:

Enough  is enough! I have had it with these mother  f—ing snakes on this mother f—-ing plane.

Wait…that wasn’t  the quote! It went more like  this:

Get off my plane.

Dammit, that’s  not it, either! Here’s  what  I said:

I’m  mad as Hell and I’m  not going to take it anymore.

No, that’s  not what  I said, either! But my fist-in- the-air sense of resolve was… the same!

My husband  and I are both committed  to trying to keep things neater around the house. We’re  going to set aside weekly cleaning  time, try to stop small messes before they become big ones, wage warfare on visible clutter, etc…

I’m  not expecting miracles! But if we can keep the lower level to a state where it takes  no more than a half  hour  to make  things  presentable to guests – that would  be a Hell of a thing!


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