Thursday’s Recap (February 13, 2020) – Coming Soon!

Hey blog followers. I just got home from work AND home from doing errands – which thankfully did NOT involve going to Kroger (more about that in a bit). ! I sweet-talked my husband into instead having a free lunch at McShane’s Pub in Ypsilanti with some trivia prize money we won Tuesday. Then after that, get groceries. My plan was to NOT set foot in Kroger at all! That store always stresses me out. It’s too big, it’s too busy, the parking lot is always a nightmare, the workers are always clogging up the aisles with the big carts they use to shop for others, and I don’t like the way their “baggers” bag my groceries. Yes, I know that’s pretty OCD, but seriously…they put 2-3 items in each bag – and you wind up with 50 disposable plastic bags by the time you unpack your stuff. Yes, I need some bags for trash, but I don’t need that many. I also like being able to bag my own, and that’s essentially discouraged at Kroger. Who wants to be “that” person telling the bagger, “Step aside, I’m bagging my own today.” I’m socially awkward enough as it is! The last thing I need is getting into an altercation with a grocery store employee…

Kroger rant over! Long story short, we got the job done today by visiting a couple of friendly liquor stores – and Aldi. One of the liquor store clerks was trying to sell me on gummi bears as drink garnishes! I passed on the suggestion, but said “Maybe I’ll try that next time.”

Here’s my liquor store “haul” for drinks tonight:

20200214_161013 (1)

Bottoms up! I won’t be writing that recap after having any of these drinks (scout’s honor)!  I’ll update the captain’s logs first, then post the recap.

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